Thursday, March 19, 2020

DIY Face Mask - Life in the Coronavirus Pandemic

Well life has changed a LOT since my last post! Schools, restaurants, bars, salons, gyms, churches are closed. We are now staying home and practicing social distancing. Such a difference in the past week when Sid and I celebrated our birthdays by going out to dinner and I did a luncheon presentation for the Sons of Norway. Now people can only get together in groups of 10 or less here in Minnesota. We did attend a St. Patrick's Day party of nine people, but now we are definitely hunkering down at home.

We're lucky to have freezers full of lamb, pork, chicken, duck and quail. And even a little venison thanks to the deer Matt hit last May. We're not so lucky in the toilet paper department though. I don't know why everyone decided to hoard toilet paper. We do have plenty of handmade goat milk soap too. And spring in on the way so we can start some vegetable seeds. I have enough hay to last until July -- I think.

I recently discovered LoveNotions downloadable patterns and started sewing clothes again. I love the fit and the ease of sewing using their patterns. Anyway, I stocked up on knit fabric and made some tops earlier this year. So I was all set when I saw a post on FaceBook this morning for making face masks. Here's the link to the pattern:

I haven't felt the need for using a face mask yet, but if we get sick, we'll definitely need to wear them and they're very scarce, even for the hospitals and medical establishments. Someone on the FaceBook post suggested making a little pocket and sliding in a coffee filter to make them more effective at filtering the air.

Here are some more links for information about the effectiveness of DIY facemasks and what materials work best. We all need to do our part in this pandemic, and hopefully more of us will make it through.

I've got about 30 pounds of washed wool to ship out to Zeilinger's by the end of the month. And I plan to do my taxes.  And hopefully we can get a nice garden in this year. Shearing is scheduled in two days, too.  I will definitely be busy here at home!
Take care everyone and stay home if you can.


  1. Hemming some pieces of old flannel shirts or t-shirts would be a breeze for you, and are a free alternative to TP (just like cloth diapers, which I used less than 19 years ago).

    1. Thanks Michelle. I did cloth diapers 40+ and 30+ years ago. LOL Time sure flies!


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