Saturday, May 16, 2015

Raw Felted Fleeces!

We had a beautiful weather for the raw felted fleece class yesterday at Shepherd's Harvest. I was lucky to get a great group of students who had no qualms about getting in there and helping out when things went a little off (like when my portable water heater sprung leaks because I failed to drain it out before winter and frozen water burst the pipes).  Thankfully Sid ran to get a new one, but in the meantime the ladies helped move our tables outside and hauled buckets of hot water so we could get started.

They all made gorgeous fleeces! Left to right in the photo above, an Ag dual coated Shetland fleece, a white  Corriedale and natural colored Corriedale/Wensleydale X fleece that was pieced together, a white Icelandic fleece, a Gotland fleece, a white Bluefaced Leicester lamb fleece, an English Leicester fleece, and a moorit Shetland.

I wondered how Corriedale would do because it's so fine and the staple length was 4-5". We were worried about it not catching in back, but it did and what a nice dense fleece/rug it turned out to be.

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