Friday, November 14, 2014

Back to Winter Already

We got about a foot of snow the other day, so it's back to plowing and shoveling and all the other jobs that come with winter weather. Blah!
I've got two pens of breeding sheep and a pen of bachelor boys to feed twice a day.  
Part of the Shetland breeding group.

Some of the Bluefaced Leicester/Teeswater breeding group.
Also 27 ducks and 16 chickens...
It's good to get outside and breathe the fresh air, I'm not complaining about animal care. I just really don't look forward to another bout of shoveling and hauling wood, seems like summer and fall went by way too fast.
The good part of this weather change is that now I have some indoor time to update my blog. I'm also changing my old River Oaks Sales blog into Rebecca Utecht Art. I love to share the news about my animals, but I also need a place to focus on my art work. I'm currently in the process of adding photos, etc. So please be patient as I get it all together.
I hope everyone is warm and all my friends' sheep flocks are busy making new little lambs for spring. Which is sure come again someday. :-)

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