Tuesday, February 28, 2012

New Job, New Shop!

I'm taking a moment from working feverishly on the Shepherd's Harvest booklet and getting all my new hire information submitted (I got new job last week!), to share a photo of the half-space I rented in the newly formed "Anoka Fiber Arts Co-Op", located at 210 2nd Ave. N., Anoka, MN, 55303.  We're in the upper level of the Shepherd's Choice shop.  There are 9 vendors offering lots of luscious fibers, yarn, spinning and weaving equipment, shabby chic, rug hooking, and of course felting. Stop in and see us!

You can see I'm selling my full body mannequin (on a wheeled base), a  60" x 90" 2 pound Ile de France quilt batt, the raw felted Lincoln fleece (3' x 5'), along with roving, top, felting sheets, matted photos, felted scarves, and more.

So I am SUPER busy right now, with the booklet, the shop, and the new job. I'll be glad when things get back to normal. I worked with the Census Bureau in temporary positions in 2009 and 2010 and I'm thrilled to be going back on a permanent part-time basis. :-)


  1. How awesome that Anoka has a fiber arts coop! Will the 'vendors' take turns manning the shop?

    Congratulations on the new job!

  2. Thanks, Nancy. I applied for a permanent position last March, but didn't get it. In retrospect, that was a blessing considering all that happened last summer and fall. Just goes to show that when and if the time is right, things will work out.

    And yes, the vendors in the Co-Op will work two days a month. I just have a half-space so I will work one day per month. I thought it would be kind of fun. I hope I can keep up with everything.

    The shop will also offer a space for sheep producers to sell their skirted raw fleeces. The only cost will be 20% commission on the sale. So anyone out there wanting to sell some fleeces to handspinners, call the shop, Shepherd's Choice.

  3. Congrats on the new situation. It should be interesting. Keep talking about it on the blog. I am hoping for lambs from your two girls this spring. Hope I get to see you at Shepherds' Harvest.

  4. You sure don't let any grass grow under you! Yes, God's timing is perfect, even though it is hard to understand sometimes.

  5. What great news for you, Becky. I'm glad you found a job you are excited about. That Shepherd's Choice proprietress (can't recall her name) had such a nice shop up near Wyoming, MN-- I visited when she still lived in the country. I bet the space is great.

  6. hehehe you're right next to my cousin Theresa :) Just saw her blog and noticed it's almost the same photo :)

  7. Thanks everyone, I can't wait to get back down to the shop and get more fiber priced and out for sale. Hopefully the Shepherd's Harvest booklet will go to the printer this week. I will be working at the shop on Sunday from noon to 4.
    Rayna, I don't think I've met Theresa yet. She's your cousin? Wow, what a small world!
    Say Rayna, will you have some yak fiber to sell?

  8. I love your space. Wish I wouldn't live so far away across the ocean... Congrats on your new job! Love Alexandra.

  9. Congratulations on the new job Becky ! Wonderful news and oh my gosh what beautiful lambs. Next year...now I just have lamb fever and am looking for ewe lambs with cocoa coloring. Take care.


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