Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Weekend Adventures

The new Minnesota Lamb & Wool Producers logo on the tote bag I got at the auction on Saturday night. The old logo is on the 2010 directory at left.  On the right is the Bluefaced Leicester cable scarf I struggled to knit during the conference.  It's going much easier at home where I can concentrate better.
On the table is a quilt I bought at the auction. It was done by Kathy Munkelwitz of Isle, MN.  Kathy and her husband raise North Country Cheviots and she is famous for her quilts.
 What a weekend! It all started with a horrendous drive to the Twin Cities on Friday afternoon in rush hour traffic and snow.  I started out at 2 p.m. with plans to meet Terri Drimmel at my son's place in St. Louis Park and ride together to the 8 p.m. Minnesota Lamb and Wool Producers Board meeting. Being the secretary, I hadn't missed a Board meeting and I certainly couldn't let a winter storm warning keep me from attending the annual conference being held on Saturday and Sunday.  Normally the trip from here to Morton would take about 3 1/2 hours.  I got to my son's at 5 p.m. and Terri didn't get there until 7 p.m. There was just no way we would make it in time for the 8 o'clock Board meeting.  Oh well, at least we made it Morton, MN safe and sound a little after 10:30 and we had a great time the rest of the weekend.

This is a photo taken while driving through the snowdrifts on the unplowed roads in Terri's little VW Rabbit (later dubbed a snowmobile). If you click to biggify, it looks like there's a wise man bearing gifts and heading north in the road in front of us!

After working on the new logo for the Minnesota Lamb and Wool Producers, it was so cool to see it on merchandise.  I just had to buy that huge tote bag when it came up for auction on Saturday night. The sheep heads on the logo were inspired by a sheep I did on an emu egg years ago.

The Board wanted to include a black face and a white face sheep in the logo, so I overlapped two heads and colored one in.  The other Board members liked it and the graphic designers cleaned it up to what you see on the bag. Very simple and carrying a feel of the old logo forward.

I'm so happy to be home again with all the white sparkling snow on the ground. I've made some progress on the cable scarf since I got home.  Thanks to Terri Drimmel for her suggestion to use the mini-quilt I bought on the table, I love it!  I'll bring up my poinsettia from last year when a few more leaves turn red. It's a little leggy and there's an aloe vera plant sharing its pot right now, but it will have to do for us this year.

Lady slipper orchid, little red poinsettia from last Christmas, 2 year old vinca vine trimmed back and flowering and a few leaves of the big old mauve poinsettia plant are showing on the right.
I can't believe it's already time to pull out the Christmas decorations!  That and lots of felting to do.  Yesterday I experimented with making flowers from pre-felt.  Here's one on the Black Shetland hat I made a few weeks ago which is on my mannequin head (with her new wig)...
Okay, time to get to work around here! ;-)

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