Sunday, January 31, 2010

Email and Website Down

Unfortunately, my server is experiencing difficulties and my website is down. My email associated with the website is also out of commission.  So if you are trying to contact me, please use riveroaksshetlands at yahoo dot com.
Sorry about the inconvenience, hopefully things will be back to normal soon.
This is our oldest ewe, Bramble Cordelia. She'll be 11 in March.  She's an F1 Minder, Ag Katmoget, one of a set of quadruplets. Her fleece is the longer wavy type, very nice.  Her micron tests for 2009 came back at 25.9 AFD, 5.7 SD, and 21.9 CV.
She's still quite a character and one of my favorites.  I kept both of the twins she raised last summer, Camille, an Ag gulmoget and Greyson, an Ag grey with 1" scurs.  She wasn't exposed to a ram this year. I will keep her in with unbred ewe lambs at lambing along with Shachah.  No lambs due here until the second week of April.


  1. If your website is down, how did you post this message???? Inquiring minds want to know. Nice photo of your girl!

  2. Hi Terri, our server hosts my website,, and its email accounts. Those are not accessible right now. I'll have call in tomorrow morning to see if I can get them working again. Thankfully my blogs aren't connected to my website, they're through, so they still work. And thankfully I have a yahoo email account that I can route the various lists to, etc. :-)
    Clear as mud?
    Thanks for your comment about Cordelia, she's such a character. I try to sneak her treats because I know she doesn't have many teeth left, so she's always one to check my pockets when I go out to feed the sheep. When she was pregnant and raising her twins last year I had her trained to come outside for her own serving of alfalfa while the rest of the flock was eating inside. :-)

  3. I should have said the server was able to regain our Internet connection ability, but something is still messed up with the hosted sites and email accounts. The arts council's site is inaccessible too and they've got their grant deadline tomorrow.


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