Friday, October 30, 2009

River Oaks Greyson

I finally got a photo of the button scurred ram lamb I plan to use on a few Shetlands this fall. I'm only going to breed a 3-4 Shetland ewes this year.  I've still got quite a few sheep here and I'm hesitant to bring more lives into being than we have the resources to care for on our little bit of pasture.

His name WAS going to be Sebastian, but for some reason I kept calling his half brother that name and it was starting to stick.  Then one day I heard about Florida Senator Alan Grayson on the news and I thought, Greyson would be a great name for a grey ram out of Kimberwood Harrison and Bramble Cordelia.  So I registered him as River Oaks Greyson and then I found out that Juliann has a ram named Greyson too.  Oops!

Anyway, there he is above at age 6 months... 

And this is his back view from August... You can see that he's Ag, but so far his fleece is holding that beautiful grey color.  I hope it keeps on holding!

Below is a fleece photo taken the other day with a flash...

And below is his fleece in natural lighting, you can see the blue-grey color in this one, but it's too blurry to see the crimp...  Both photos are rump area fleece.

I love that his fleece is soft and crimpy, but has some length to it also.  His twin sister is an Ag Gulmoget.  Her fleece is much lighter and much longer.

My plan is to put him in with River Oaks Lana, a black gulmoget who may carry moorit.  I also plan to put in River Oaks Hannah and Leonie, both brown factored ewes. I'm still debating on whether to put River Oaks Hattie in there too.  She's got a turned ankle and I always feel bad for her when she's very pregnant, but she always produces such nice lambs!

Well, it's off to bed for me, I'm heading out in the morning for a mini-fiber-retreat-weekend with other Shetland ladies. We plan to make felted slippers, spin, knit, eat, and drink wine. It should be lots of fun!


  1. Oh, I love that darker gray color he's got. My greys are always so light!

  2. Handsome little devil, very pretty shade of grey.
    Greyson was just one of those names that popped into my head one day and stuck. Distinguished name for handsome grey rams. :)

  3. What a nice color he has. Hope you had a great time with your Shetland friends- sounds fun.

  4. Hey Becky, are any of Greyson's "intended" poll carriers? Always keeping my eye out for that perfect polled ram - who may yet to be conceived - for my flock! :-)

  5. Yes Michelle, Lana has a very good chance of carrying polled genetics, she could even be a full poll since both her parents are proven poll carriers. I'm not sure about Hannah and Hattie, they may be poll carriers. I doubt Leonie carries poll since her ram lamb sired by Harrison has 1-2" scurs. Along with polled boys, my wish list for next year's lambs are a solid-sided gulmoget (or two?) from Lana, the grey color that holds over time, mioget and last but not least, moorit.

  6. What a beautiful shade of gray! He looks like polished steel...almost a blue. Very nice.....


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