Saturday, June 30, 2007

Yes life is good, but I'm sick (and tired)

I've been running a temp for two days and I'm SO tired. Not sure what's going on... Hoping to feel better tomorrow so I can put up some fencing to wean the lambs. I've got a new vet who actually does farm visits coming out on Monday morning too.

I would like to post some recent photos, but my computer isn't reading my card slots or my usb port. Are there any computer whizzes out there who can tell me how to fix that?

We'll just have to make do with some older shots. Here are Gillian's twin ewe lambs, Sadie, the sweetest little moorit tail wagger (top photo), and Sophie, who is coming around to being petted slowly but surely (bottom photo). Sophie is lighter colored and may end up fawn. Gillian at age ten, has done a fine job with these two!


  1. I saw on Gail's site that you said to tell me Hi. Congrats on the new barn. See you in October. And Hi to you too.

  2. Hi Kelly! Oh we love that new pole building. It's going to be so nice when you come for inspections now because we'll be able to lock them in pens inside.
    We got the lambs separated from the ewes about an hour ago. They share a hog panel fenceline. Suddenly it's eerily quite out there...One smaller ewe lamb managed to squeeze through to get back to her mom, but that's okay, we're keeping her so mom can wean her naturally. And of course our little 4 week old Dot is still with her mom.
    Our hay is being baled this afternoon. Big bales this year. Soon the pole building will be full of hay too. Yay!

  3. What cuties those lambs are! I'm enjoying my little cuties, although neither are tail-wagging friendly yet. Sorry for your computer issues; I can't do anything but empathize at the frustration that brings!


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